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Alsip Bars

Burrito Jalisco

11950 S Cicero Ave
Alsip, IL 60803

If you're looking for a great place in the Alsip area to pick up some fantastic, authentic Mexican food then Burrito Jalisco is very possibly the right place for you to check out. They pride themselves on serving absolutely delicious Mexican food that has utilized the best, most fresh ingredients that they can possibly find. The atmosphere at Burrito Jalisco is fantastically festive and you are sure to be blown away by how remarkable the overall experience that you have there will be. We can't get over how much we love Burrito Jalisco.

Rib Brothers

11753 S Pulaski Road
Alsip, IL 60803

If you're ever craving some good, down home cooking while you're in the Alsip area then you need to head over to the Rib Brothers'. They serve some great "down south" boneless ribs that are covered in sweet and sassy BBQ sauce, as well as slow cooked ribs on their own home made grill, cooking them in a way that ensures that the meat is fall off the bone good. Your meal always comes with tons of sides, such as fries, bread, and their home made cole slaw. All served in extremely generous portions that you will surely have enough to take home for seconds. Rib Brothers' is the paramount of down home cooking in the Alsip area.

The Poor Dog

4057 W 115th St
Alsip, IL 60803

If you're looking for a fantastic, casual restaurant in the Alsip area that is anything but fancy and still has some of the best food in town then you need to head to The Poor Dog. They specialize in classic American fare such as burgers, hot dogs, chicken tenders, and so on. You will not be able to get over how great the meals at The Poor Dog are. It might sound simple, but you will be s urprised at the remarkable touches that the folks at The Poor Dog add to their food items. You will not be able to only visit The Poor Dog once!

Nino's Pizza

4835 W 111th St
Alsip, IL 60803

Nino's Pizza is one of the best places in Alsip to not only sit down with the family to enjoy a slice of pizza, but also to enjoy all sorts of different Italian cuisines such as pastas, subs, salads, and so on. They are one of the greatest places for these purposes in the whole Alsip area. They use all of the best and most fresh ingredients possible, and you will absolutely fall in love with their atmosphere and staff. It's like being a member of their fantastic family. Everyone who enters their establishment is treated with respect and passion. Nino's Pizza is truly one of a kind!

El Gallo Tapatio

5039 W 111th St
Alsip, IL 60803

Some fantastic and delicious authentic Mexican food is served at El Gallo Tapatio. The first thing you will notice how festive and glorious their atmosphere and decor are. From the minute you walk through the door you will be greeted with a smile and promptly seated, and your drink orders taken. We strongly recommend anything from their full bar, but especially their specialty cocktails. All of their food is absolutely fantastic such as the fried tacos and the burritos. No matter what your tastes are, you are sure to love the meal that you get at El Gallo Tapatio!

Demon Dawgs

11541 S Pulaski Rd
Alsip, IL 60803

If you want to sit back and enjoy some nice, casual cuisine such as fresh homemade burgers, Vienna Hot Dogs, Fresh Cut Fries, Slow Smorked Pork, and beyond then Demon Dawgs is definitely the place for you. They may serve some classic American foods, but they have their own unique spins that they put on each and every item on their menu. You will not be able to stop talking about the meal that you have at Demon Dawgs! They are just the coolest place ever. You can't leave without enjoying their super premium ice creams as well.